Summer Youth

Summer Youth

SUMMER YOUTHCaleb Inhof - Summer Youth

The Summer Youth Program emphasizes building connections for young adults (ages 10-20), with their peers and with community members through an array of social, community, leisure and recreational activities. It also offers respite, daily living, cognitive, problem solving and safety skills.

Community Activities: Community activities are offered on a daily basis. Staff facilitate opportunities for social interaction with peers and when in the presence of community members. The focus is to:

  • Increase social connections with peers of the same age
  • To create long-term friendships
  • Increase comfort level with community members
  • Assist youth in developing their maximum potential in the areas of self-directed activities
  • Have fun

Activities this past year included visits to the public library, Blue Lotus, miniature golf, art museum visits, county fairs, zoo trips, bowling, Horicon Marsh excursions, county and city park visits, sailing at the Milwaukee harbor, Home Depot trips, Aviation Heritage Center of WI, Pioneer Kids day, Ozaukee County Pioneer village, Humange Society, a Day at Lake Lenwood, Touching Smiles Equine Therapy and tours of local businesses.


“The Threshold Summer Youth Program has provided my child many opportunities to experience a wide variety of activities within the community. It has given him a chance to develop friendships, practice social skills, stay active, gain independence, and to experience new things while having fun!”
– Ann Meller

“The Threshold’s Summer Youth Program has been a blessing to us. Kayli really enjoys the activities she experiences in the community and the friends she makes. It feels so good to be able to let her go each day and to trust that she is having a good time.”
– Jan Wagner


What is the qualifying age for participants in the program?

We serve youth between the ages of 10 and 20.

How long is the summer youth program?

The program runs for a total of eleven (11) weeks, beginning on the first Monday after the West Bend School District ends the school year.

Do you offer transportation?

Yes! We have a combination of transportation choices.
Parents may transport one or both ways,

  • TTI staff may pick up and/or drop off youth 
  • taxi 

What type of funding is available?

We accept a variety of funding sources

  • private pay
  • IRIS
  • family support funding 
  • Long Term Waiver program.


We are partnering with the following agencies to assure the best care for participants in our program.

  • YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association)
  • Our Savior Lutheran Church
  • The West Bend Library
  • Home Depot


Summer Youth Program Manager – 262-338-1188, ext. 553 or .

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