School to WorkSchool to Work

A transitional program in partnership with Washington County School Districts, this program helps high-school seniors successfully move from school into the workforce. Education, testing and temporary work experiences are part of the program.


  • Help students transition from the high school environment into the world of work
  • Students are also provided with hands-on work opportunities at TTI Industries – the subcontract manufacturing division of the Threshold
  • Students receive supervised guidance from an on-site counselor
  • Students are exposed to new job skills relating to co-workers and supervisors
  • Students also have classroom time during the day and learn needed skills such as completion of a job application, developing a resume, group discussions on problem-solving skills in the workplace, interviewing and work expectations

Our newest service is an “On-site temporary work experience program,” where students are actually working in a community-based job at our partnering companies: West Bend Mutual Insurance Company and the Washington County Highway Department.  This allows students to experience a full-fledged integration into the workforce which better prepares them for possible future jobs in the community.


  • Washington County High Schools
  • Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)
  • Moraine Park Technical College
  • Private Businesses
  • ADRC (Aging & Disability Resource Center)


  • Students must be in the last year of high school
  • Students must be at least 18 years old
  • Have stated or demonstrated a desire to work in the community
  • Ability to access county taxi independently
  • Appropriate hygiene, social, behavioral and communication skills


School to Work Employment Specialist at 262-438-0030, ext. 406 or e-mail

The Threshold will be a provider of the Project SEARCH Mission starting in the 2017/2018 school year. Project Search provides necessary life skills and employment training to young adults with disabilities. For a printable brochure, click here.


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