Birth to 3

Birth to 3


Birth to 3 provides in-home therapy and education to Washington and Ozaukee County families who have a child under the age of three who may be falling behind in development.  We are now expanding to include Ozaukee County. Birth to 3 is excited about this new endeavor! Families may have questions regarding their child’s development, and staff from our Birth to 3 program can help answer those questions. The goal of our program is to provide support and guidance to parents and other caregivers that will help with their child’s daily routines and activities in ways that will promote optimal growth and development within the environment they are most comfortable….. their home. Services are voluntary and are provided at little or no cost to families.

December 16, 2015 was a great morning for the Threshold! We were visited by several caring representatives from Potawatomi Hotel & Casino and received a check from their Heart of Canal Street Charity Program, totaling a whopping $31,051!!

This donation is restricted to our Birth to 3 Program and will go toward set up costs for the Ozaukee County Birth to 3 Program, which will be run by The Threshold beginning January 1. In addition, Birth to 3 is looking to start a “Toy Loan Program” (great… idea Cassi Hurst), allowing families who do not have access to or the means for educational toys, and may borrow from the program and continue the all-important task of helping in their child’s development.

We are so grateful to Potawatomi Hotel & Casino for their generous spirit in helping not only our Birth to 3 Program, but 3 other local nonprofit agencies – Casa Guadalupe Education Center , Family Center of Washington County and Riveredge Nature Center!

Thank you Potawatomi Hotel & Casino! You are doing so many wonderful things for so many wonderful organizations, and we are blessed to have been one of the chosen charities in this year’s Heart of Canal Street. Thank you for touching so many lives in need in ALL of our communities!


2015 Heart of Canal Presentation

2015 Heart of Canal Winning

We are proud of our Birth to 3 Program staff for consistently meeting and in some circumstances exceeding compliance and performance indicators set forth by the Department of Human Services!

Please click here to view the letter from the State of WI Department of Health Services. 



“I loved the fact that ultimately, I was in control of deciding what to work on with my boys, but most importantly I was shown how to do it! I learned so much! When you work hard and the result of that hard work is the success of your child, you just push that much harder for the next “aha moment!” we had a lot of “aha moments, thanks to birth to 3 🙂 ” 
-Nikki B.


Birth to 3 is funded by United Way, please click here to see how those funds are used to help children.

What exactly is Birth to 3?

Birth to 3 began in 1986 and is a federally mandated program under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

How do families get connected to the program?

Families are typically referred by their child’s pediatrician, but anyone can refer a child to the program.

What services does Birth to 3 provide?

  • Service Coordination
  • Special Instruction
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Family Education through an Early Childhood Special Ed Teacher

What do services look like and how often do they occur?

Services are individualized because every child and family needs differing levels of support. Services are provided in the home with the parent, but in some situations we may provide services in a childcare or other community setting.

What happens when my child turns 3?

We will begin planning your child’s transition and will walk you through the necessary steps after your child turns 2. Children generally transition from Birth to 3 into a school-based service through their local school district, but that is not the only option. Our staff will share other options with you at that time.

What happens if my child does not qualify for Birth to 3?

Birth to 3 provides your family with information on other services and resources in the area. Our program may offer a re-evaluation of your child’s eligibility after a two month waiting period.

We partner with the following agencies to assure the best care for the children in our program.


  • Washington County Human Services
  • Ozaukee County Human Services
  • United Way of Washington County
  • Rehab Resources, Inc.
  • Early Head Start
  • Saint A
  • Family Enrichment Center – Ozaukee
  • Family Center of Washington County
  • School Districts
  • Hear Wisconsin
  • Cooperating Education Service Agencies 6 & 1
  • Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services-Birth to 3

Birth to 3 Director, 262-338-1188, ext 524 or

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