Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep


Unsatisfied with your current cleaning service?

Would you like to save money this year?

Do you want the appearance of your office to make an impression on your customers?

Then you need us, and we need you!

Clean Sweep is a fully insured and bonded profitable business entity for the Threshold which provides excellent cleaning services to area businesses, while providing a work opportunity for its 92% of staff members with disabilities. With over 30 years experience in the industry, we clean with detail in mind, which is why things like exterior entrance doors are cleaned, carpets and glass are spot cleaned, telephones are disinfected and fingerprints are removed from doors and light switches.

We do not cut corners or rush through the cleaning process. We take great pride in our reputation. Our quality of work, along with the number of satisfied customers, reflects this. Click here for more information.


Do you offer flexibility in cleaning schedules?

Absolutely! We cater to the customer’s needs, so if you want cleaning done every other week, one day a week, or daily, we can accommodate you.

How long of a contract do I have to sign?

You don’t have to sign a contract at all. Our approach is simple – if you are a satisfied customer, you will ask us back each month.  We ask that you give us one month to “try us out”.

What is included in the service?

Each customer’s wants and needs differ, so the cleaning service provided is catered to those wants and needs.  You tell us what’s important, and we will do it! As a general rule, we take care of basics like trash, rest rooms, sweeping, vacuuming and dusting. Again, we cater to your needs, so whatever you want done gets done!

How often will I be billed?

We invoice at the end of each month.


Department of Workforce Development
TTI Industries


Clean Sweep Manager – 262-338-1188, ext. 543 or e-mail  


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