The Options program is one of several programs of the Threshold offering “Choice” to individuals; choice to work, choice to enjoy leisure activities or work on skill-building activities.

The amount of time spent working or in activities is determined by input from the person and their family members or guardian.

In essence, this is for individuals wanting to work part-time. What a wonderful work-life balance for these folks! With 44 activities offered and a 98% overall client satisfaction rate, the Options program has proven very successful!


“This has been an outstanding program for my son. He has actually grown because of the Options Program by exposing him to working with others, observing others, and learning proper methods of responding to conflict. He is so excited about Options, and tells me about the work he does, also with excitement. We really like the balance of both.”

FAQ’sOptions - training

Do members have to attend all 5 days of the work week?
We have many individuals that attend on a limited basis. The program goal is about helping each person achieve what they are ready to achieve.

What activities are taking place in the program room?
There is a variety of recreational, skill building, community, and vocational activities happening in our area. In Options, individuals get the opportunity to cook full meals, practice difficult social situations in a controlled setting in our role-play class, relax in our stress management class, discuss community employment issues in our career exploration class, or work up a sweat in our daily exercise classes.

What type of activities take place in the community?
We have trekked north to the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame, slid south to Discovery World in Milwaukee, toured several local, and not-so-local Museums, took Sled Dog Rides at Siberian Outpost, and we offer many other fun-filled and educational adventures.

Can an individual work and also be in the Options program?
The answer is YES! Individuals can work as little or as much as they would like. This program is designed to suit the needs of the people we serve.

Is this just an arts and crafts program?
Absolutely not! We encourage participation in multiple community employment activities, and folks in the program are provided an opportunity to volunteer in the community each month. This is a great stepping-stone to help individuals understand what will be expected of them if they seek community employment.


Riveredge Nature Center – Volunteer Opportunities


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