Achieve Employment

Achieve Employment

Steven Grant - Community EmployementACHIEVE EMPLOYMENT

The focus of this integral program is to assist individuals with disabilities in obtaining employment of their choice within the community. Through Community Employment, individuals are offered additional resources to assist them in successfully reaching this goal.

Our program offers assessments of the person’s current skill level, identifies career interests, explores different jobs, helps them develop job skills, assists them with resume’ creation and posting and helps them create a profile on the Wisconsin Job Network website.

With our network of over 200 local businesses, we are able to provide opportunities for some individuals on a temporary basis. Each person has personal goals, and we provide support that coincides with their goal. Employment assistance is provided to people who are able to work competitively as well as those who require longer term (job coaching) support.

Currently, we have 75 individuals actively seeking employment opportunities in their communities. We regularly meet with employers and assist them in filling those “hard to fill” jobs or to help them meet other workload needs. If you have unmet staffing needs, consider a partnership with us. We can help you and you can help individuals with disabilities become an integral part of their community!

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Thank you to our Community Employers who have successfully partnered with us! 

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Corner Machine.  Sounds intimidating, right?  Not to Santo!  Styrofoam corners are produced to protect products being shipped by one of our valued customers – a local retail store fixture company.  This is a very detailed job with minimal time to get the plastic into the mold.  Santo has no trouble keeping up with the machine.  Way to go Santo!  This is another success story of how the Threshold is working to help people with disabilities find jobs in the community.

Santa Mortillaro Hard at Work


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