Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services



Our Adult Day Services Program serves adults whose capabilities and interests suggest success in areas other than community-based employment. Individual programs are designed based on the person’s choices, abilities, medical and physical levels of needed support. This program builds self-reliance, self-esteem and independence, with opportunities to earn a paycheck at TTI Industries. We serve individuals at our Rolfs Avenue location in West Bend, and two satellite locations – 1 in West Bend and 1 in Germantown.


“We, as parents, are very happy that Timmy has access to a good program – TTI Industries. He is a very social person, and the workers are great. He is so happy to be going every weekday, and he would be bored just sitting at home. It’s nice that he has this opportunity to be with his peers!”
-Steve and Lynn Abresch
“We are very thankful for the opportunities that The Threshold Inc. has given to our 36 year old son, Ryan, to have a fulfilling, meaningful life. The work experience and training that he receives at The Threshold gives him satisfaction in being able to do a “day’s work for a day’s pay”. Ryan loves going to work, and getting a paycheck! He gets the biggest smile on his face when he tells us about delivering newspapers on his weekly paper route, arranged for him by The Threshold. The caring staff at Threshold keeps him involved in activities that he enjoys, and explores opportunities for work that match his abilities. Equally important to us, as parents, Threshold’s Adult Day Services program provides an environment that keeps him safe, and that gives us peace of mind.”
-Bill and Judi Riedel

“Darrin LOVES music therapy. We are SO lucky to have all the great people and services at the Threshold. His life would be very boring if he didn’t have you. Thank you!”
-Darlene Denis, Mother of Darrin

I am writing this on behalf of myself (Becky Lauters’ legal guardian and uncle), my wife (Kathy) and my mother (Elaine). The purpose of this letter is to point out the many benefits that The Threshold, Inc has brought to Becky, and us, over the past many years. In chatting about this recently, the following are thoughts and memories that came to our minds when considering Becky’s years at Threshold. I list them in bulleted format, in no particular order:

  • Becky has been working at Threshold, and now TTI, since she left high school. This November she will turn the big 4 – Oh, as she will proudly tell you! Wow, how the years have flown by!
  • The Threshold has provided her with many positive influences in her life over these many years. All of which have helped mold her into the person she is today.
  • It has given structure to her daily life. During the time that Becky lived with us, while her mom was sick and then after she passed away, Threshold provided consistency, comfort and again…structure. It gave her a purpose then and has ever since that very difficult time for all of us.
  • Becky has always taken great pride in her work whether it was bagging faucet parts, cleaning tables or any other job she has done. She is always disappointed when there is no work to do.
  • Having this work has enhanced her conversations at family gatherings. It gives her common ground with others. She is always willing to talk about her work day and ask us about ours.
  • She enjoys her coworkers and supervisors and often will have a story to tell about them.
  • Over the years Becky has enjoyed the many social gatherings offered. The movies and dances are her favorites!
  • She has participated in Special Olympics through Threshold, when it was offered. The pride in her accomplishments is unbelievable! The first thing she wants to do is show off her latest ribbon or medal and to tell us all about the outing.
  • Recently Becky has had the opportunity to do some traveling, due to her affiliation with Threshold. She was able to visit New England to see the fall colors and go to Disney World and other Florida attractions.
  • Becky very much appreciates her paycheck. She knows well when payday is and enjoys shopping trips to spend her hard earned money.
  • The people involved in Threshold have been very important in Becky’s life. Her mom, Donell, would still be very proud, we are certain.

All in all, we could not be more pleased, and thankful, for everything that The Threshold, Inc has done, and meant, for Becky and our family for all of these years.

-Blaine Bergmann


What does the program have to offer?

Independent living skills, as they relate to work and community settings, are emphasized daily.

  • Meal preparation, planning, shopping and cooking of meals.
  • Music therapy is offered by a music therapist from Cedar Community.
  • Individual and group problem solving activities are designed to facilitate expression of feelings, promote self esteem and self expression, teach self control and stress management.

What other activities do you offer during the program hours?

  • Program areas have access to computers and I-pads for educational games and leisure activities.
  • Life skills, healthy living education and sign language are practiced.
  • Exercise and gross motor skills are implemented to build balance, flexibility, strength, tone and coordination.
  • Staff members are trained in Physical and Occupational Therapy, and offer range of motion exercises as well as individualized walking programs, to increase and maintain range of motion.
  • Vocational opportunities are available through our TTI Industries division of the Threshold.
  • Our sensory room offers multi sensory awareness.
  • Arts and craft projects are encouraged to increase self- expression.
  • The enabling garden on the grounds at Rolfs Avenue offers gardening opportunities.
  • We also have a “Butterfly Farm” bringing clients closer to nature.

Does the Adult Day Service program include community-based activities?

Absolutely! Everyone loves to be part of their community. Activities are offered 5 days per week, and include:

  • Taking walks in our local parks.
  • Going to the YMCA for exercising and swimming.
  • Touring area businesses.
  • Volunteering at Samaritan or at Roots and Branches.
  • Shopping, bowling and mini golfing.
  • Visiting museums, taking pontoon rides, attending fairs, taking in concerts, watching shows and plays.
  • And we offer several other activities based on areas of interest.

Do you offer services on a part-time basis?

Yes! You may choose the hours of service that works for your schedule. We can customize programs to meet the interest and needs of the individual.

Do you offer funding options?

We have contracts with many Managed Care Organizations including Community Care, Care Wisconsin, ContinuUs and Milwaukee County Family Care. We are also a vendor for IRIS and we can set up privately paid contracts.

We are proud to list our Community Partners

Better Brands Distributing
Community Church
Kettle Moraine YMCA
Milwaukee County Zoo
Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA)
Riveredge Nature Center
West Bend Library


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