Advocacy is defined as: “Public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.”

Here at The Threshold, we have established our own “A-Team” (A-Team Wisconsin is a grass-roots effort to encourage Awareness, Advocacy, and Advisement).  This group of involved clients, family members and guardians meet quarterly, and discuss issues that pertain to the rights of individuals with disabilities.  They are the community “Voice” of The Threshold, and play an integral part in keeping our political leaders informed of the many challenges they face on a daily basis.

On May 22, 2014, six members of the A-Team along with members of A-Teams throughout Wisconsin attended a board meeting of the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities. 

A-Team members were given an opportunity to voice their comments and concerns to the board (3 minutes each), and several A-Team members took advantage of this opportunity.

Members spoke about the types of services that are important to them.  The biggest topic on their minds was the importance of continuing to offer a full array of employment choices for people with developmental disabilities.  Our A-Team members left behind letters of support on this issue as well as a document listing 12 questions that they would like the board to answer.  Those individuals who spoke to the board did a tremendous job, were very passionate while speaking of challenges families of and persons with disabilities face, and how they would like to see the future unfold with respect to the continuum of employment choices for their loved ones. 


Please click here to see the video of the 3rd Annual Legislative Meeting Luncheon.

 We need your voice!

Please view this video from the MacIver Institute featuring perspectives from clients and a parent with regard to the proposed plan by the Federal Government to do away with “sheltered workshops.” 

MacIver Institute video, click here.

The MacIver Institute released their second video (click here) this morning on capturing the importance of protecting all employment options for people with disabilities! This video is part of a series they are creating in response to their investigation on the federal rule that may impact facility-based training. 

Please share these video’s with ALL of your friends and family members. It is vital that the message for CHOICE spreads throughout our community! 

Thank you!

A-Team Wisconsin Mission

Join individuals with disabilities and their family members to advocate in a grassroots effort, create awareness in the community and advise others to ensure service choices are protected and sustained.

Here is a link to the A-Team Wisconsin website for more important information:   

If you are interested in joining the Threshold A-Team and having your voice heard, please send an e-mail to John Bloor at or call him at 262-338-1188, extension 507. 

We need you to be an advocate for people with disabilities! 

Thank you!

The A-Team Film Download Link

Watch this video (click here) about A-Team Wisconsin to learn more about keeping employment choices viable for people with disabilities! If interested in joining the Threshold’s A-Team, please contact John Bloor at 262-338-1188, ext. 507. Thank you!

Please view this video from BCI, a work center in Missouri:

Click here to see a powerful message from our National association, ACCESS. Sign the pledge and support the campaign today!

A-Team policy


If you would like more information about the A-Team or would like to join our group of caring folks, please email John Bloor at .   

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